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Small Business Help via Automation

Small businesses need help. Most key employees in small businesses complain that they lack time to focus on priorities in their daily schedules. Read the guest post below by Gavin Zuchlinski, founder of Acuity Scheduling, an online scheduling platform that has helped thousands of small business save time and improve efficiency by automating the scheduling process. […]

Reboot Your Business

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Moore If your business is like many others, it has progressed through a period of growth, followed by flattening out. The future is up to you. Will you begin the decline as many mature companies before, or will you start a new season of growth? There are two primary areas to […]


How Do I Get to Market?

Knowing that you have, or will have, a winning product or service does not give you time to rest. You have to grease the skids by making your potential buyers aware that you have a product that solves an important problem they have. Founded upon your in-depth understanding of your buyers, you need to structure the appropriate marketing […]


Reaching Customers

This whitepaper is the fifth in a series entitled “Pillars of Success” by Bill Warner. “Let’s buy some great advertising and put up a Web site. That will really tell customers about us. That should do it, right?” Another set of famous last words. Does anybody know how much was spent on advertising by the ‘Dot.bom’s’ from 1998 […]


This whitepaper is the fourth in a series entitled “Pillars of Success” by Bill Warner. You don’t have to talk to an investor or company board member for more than five minutes before the word focus comes up. It is death to any business plan that wanders through a dozen possible initiatives for the business. You will […]

Do You Have a Winner?

This whitepaper is the third in a series entitled “Pillars of Success” by Bill Warner. To have a winning business, you must have a winning product or service. Well, DUH!! That’s pretty profound.  It’s a simple concept, but it’s quite hard to actually accomplish. To have a winner, your business has to have a product […]

How to Finance Your Company Launch

Once you have gotten your company through the proof of concept stage and are now at the point that you have a product or service ready for market, you will need to finance this phase of your company’s growth. Many of the alternatives that were considered for the seed financing of your company can play […]