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All businesses face change, and for most of us, we face a moment in time when we get stuck, whether we’re just getting started or we’ve been in business for many years.

The one thing that is constant is evolutionary change. Your business will never stop evolving and changing and it’s impossible to anticipate all of the challenges that will pop up. All companies must adapt to new demands of the market, competitive threats, new technologies and innovations, new regulations, and changing needs for resources.

In addition to their experience and innate abilities, the best business owners grow their companies and overcome changes by leveraging the wisdom of others. From the very beginning of your business through where you are today, you should be considering having an executive mentor. Let us help you take this next very important step in creating and growing your business.

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What Our Clients Say

“Starting and running your own business can be overwhelming. Bill’s questions and practical advice help me stay focused and see where I am going.”

“In the time I have been working with Bill Warner he has helped me get pointed in the right direction and helped me get focused on what my goals are.  Bill has connected me with key people that can help me achieve my goals.  EntreDot’s “process” works and he’s there for me when I need him. I highly recommend Bill.”

“As we were exploring new business ventures, Bill Warner was an invaluable resource. His breadth of knowledge helped us as we navigated through many ideas to fine tune a business idea and plan. Bill’s mentoring streamlined the process and accelerated our ability to become entrepreneurs.”

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Thank you for taking a look around. If you’re an entrepreneur who is:

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  • Creating a nonprofit organization.

We’d love to speak with you about your business objectives and challenges  and see if we can help you meet them.