Knowing that you have, or will have, a winning product or service does not give you time to rest. You have to grease the skids by making your potential buyers aware that you have a product that solves an important problem they have. Founded upon your in-depth understanding of your buyers, you need to structure the appropriate marketing campaigns that raise buyer awareness of the product’s or service’s value and availability. But, that’s not enough either. You will also have to make all the sales channel partners that sit between you and the buyer also know of the value and availability of the product. All this is needed to get your product or service from your facility into the hands of the buyers.

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This whitepaper is the fifth in a series entitled “Pillars of Success” by Bill Warner.

“Let’s buy some great advertising and put up a Web site. That will really tell customers about us. That should do it, right?” Another set of famous last words. Does anybody know how much was spent on advertising by the ‘’s’ from 1998 to 2002? Does anybody remember them? Better yet, did the advertising work? I’m all for advertising as a marketing tool. But, I am more committed to putting together marketing lead generation programs, targeted at the intended buyer of the product or service. This is the world of marketing and has everything to do with telling your potential customers that you have something they need and giving them a way to contact someone who will sell it to them.

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