Six Steps to Success Entrepreneur Education Program

EntreDot, in conjunction with BUNKER LABS RDU, will be offering online and in classroom versions of our 10-Week SIX STEPS TO SUCCESS Program during 2018.

  • Bill Warner, Founder, and Director of EntreDot will lead the Online Programming with the first class scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, 6-7:30 pm. For more information, Bill Warner can be reached at 919-369-7031 or [email protected]
  • Brad Lienhart, Founder, and Director of EntreDot will lead the In-Classroom Programming from several locations in central NC. Initial class is scheduled for Fayetteville kickoff February 6. For more information, Brad Lienhart can be reached at 919-522-0722 or [email protected]

The cost of the 10-Week Program is $500.00 with class sizes ranging from 6 – 15 associates.

Review the Six Steps to Success Curriculum

Curriculum Information

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