Women In Business

The role of women in businesses of all sizes and types, from for-profit to non-profit, is rapidly increasing and their influence and discipline is bringing an exciting breath of fresh air. There are more women entrepreneurs and small business owners in America than men. Women are also steadily gaining access to executive-level positions in American businesses.


Women in business come from many different backgrounds:

  • Small business owners in services and products in hundreds of different market segments.
  • The female entrepreneur whose family has grown to the point she can pursue her dream of owning her own businesses.
  • Single mothers who have chosen to start their own business as a way of providing income and value to their families.
  • Women who want to build a business around a cause or charitable objective.
  • Corporate female executives that break out of the corporate culture to start exciting new businesses.
  • Corporate females who break out of the corporate culture to start exciting new businesses.
  • Female professionals or managers who want to rise in the corporate ranks to become product or service executives.

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