Whitepaper: Intro to Blogging with WordPress

Cary, NC – It’s interesting to be part of a business incubator, a start-up lab, an innovation center. We seem to take that last part especially seriously in Cary. CIC is always a hive of seminars and mentoring sessions.

This week, CaryCitizen offered its monthly seminar on Powerblogging 101. It made me think back on a seminar we’ve offered for more than four years – Intro to Blogging with WordPress. This week, for the benefit of members and fans of CIC, I’d thought I’d republish the whitepaper here.

Intro to Blogging with WordPress

This short whitepaper goes over the step-by-step process of making your first blog. It also offers some basic advice on what makes a good post, including using proper links and writing an effective headline.

Intro to Blogging with WordPress
Table of Contents

  1. What’s a Blog
  2. Elements of a Post
  3. Login
  4. Headline & Body Copy
  5. Adding a Picture
  6. Resizing a Picture
  7. Bullets & Numbering
  8. Adding a Link
  9. Preview
  10. Tags & Categories
  11. Publishing
  12. Appendix
    • Conventions of Blogging
    • Worksheet / Exercises

The whitepaper was written in 2010, so some of the screenshots are a little out of date. But the essential elements of making a post in WordPress are all there. This is our third edition of Intro to Blogging with WordPress.

Download Intro to Blogging with WordPress now.