Non-profits always need volunteers to fulfill their mission. When the vision is to help 1 million entrepreneurs reach their five year business anniversary and achieve long-term sustainability, volunteers are critical. As you may have inferred, all of our mentors are volunteers. They love to help new Main Street business founders achieve their dreams; giving back is a way of life for them. In addition to mentors, we need interns to help us get the work done in terms of recruiting new associates, broadcasting entrepreneurial successes, and providing great customer service. There are times when our associates have skills that will benefit our mission and we consider requests for bartered services in exchange for associate subscriptions. In our school programs, we need people who can engage students with passion, guide them to apply principles to ideas and gain the inertia to actually start businesses that become roaring successes.

For any of our volunteer roles, we need to collect some basic information from you. Please complete the Become a Mentor form or the Contact Us form so that we can schedule a time to get to know you better and discuss your willingness to help. Thank you!