The Story of Our Mentorship at CIC

Cary, NC – CaryCitizen has been a resident of CIC since the beginning, back in March of 2012. In addition to office space, we get 8 hours of business mentorship a month. Here’s our experience with mentorship at CIC.

Meet Our Mentor, Robert Geiger

CIC takes great pains to match a mentor and a business. Our mentor is Robert Geiger.

Robert is the President of ZenGo, a strategic management and marketing firm. He was previously an instructor and business coach at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development and is a frequent and popular speaker on business topics.

We thought Robert was a good match for our business, with a solid knowledge of the online space.

A Gentle (But Firm) Approach

Mentoring is a tough deal. As an entrepreneur, you need a thick skin and be able to take the often harsh criticism of seasoned executives to make your business profitable and sustainable.

Robert, our mentor, has a tough but gentle approach. He’s always nice, but won’t let go of the tough questions.

Is this a frill? Not at all. Entrepreneurs have egos. It takes a special talent to tell hard truths to proud people. For us, Robert has been that guy.

Get Smart

Mentoring works best when it follows a plan, like a step-ladder to success.

In our mentorship at CIC, we’ve covered:

  • Vision Statement
  • Accountabilities
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategy
  • Sales Process
  • Accounting Practices

Punctual & Regular

Some mentoring programs are ad hoc. Our mentorship at CIC is regular as clockwork.

We meet every Wednesday from 9 – 10:30 AM.

Advice from one entrepreneur: make it regular if you want to make progress.

Every Entrepreneurs Dream

Every entrepreneur dreams of making his or her project a viable and valuable business. But it’s tough to get there on your own.

Our experience has been that Cary Innovation Center offers a focused, personalized, and rigorous mentorship to young companies that are willing to make the commitment and do the work.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your business, get in touch with Cary Innovation Center.