Structure of a Blog Post

Cary, NC – Blogging for business has never been more popular. Here’s a quick rundown of the structure of a basic blog post for nascent business bloggers.

Blogging for Business

Big businesses like Google and Apple and even P&G have been blogging for years. Now, SMBs and entrepreneurs are getting in on the action.

Not only is blogging inexpensive, it can be incredibly effective.

But for small businesses, the problem is sometimes where to start. Recently, one of our clients asked for some guidance on blogging and I’d thought I’d share it with everyone in the Cary Innovation Center family.

Structure of a Blog Post

I could dilate endlessly on the subject of blogging. For this post, I’m just going to talk about the basic structure of a post.

Get this right and you’re well on the way to building a successful blog.

Components of a Blog Post:

  • Headline – Tell us what your story is about.
  • Introductory Sentence – Explain what the story is about and why we should read it in one sentence. Also called the Lead Line.
  • Body – Fill us in on the details. Use subheads to break up long copy or complex ideas.
  • Summary – Wrap it all up in one sentence. Good place to include a “more information” link or to call out important info such as event details.

If you’re like me, a picture is often times worth a thousand words. Or at least a few hundred.

If you’ve got questions, email me. Or stop by Cary Innovation Center. I’m not the only blogging fiend in the house.


Hal Goodtree is the Publisher of CaryCitizen and more than 25 other blogs. He is a resident member of Cary Innovation Center. Photo by Capricious.