It’s Time You Figured Out How To Improve Your Digital Presence & Marketing.

As Entredot begins its 5th year of business in the Triangle, we wanted to give back to the community that has so graciously embraced our motto of “Start.Pivot.Conquer.Succeed.”. This event offers workshops from some of the Triangles most revered experts. Along with our partners WooshData, Retro M, Method Savvy, and Exit Event we are giving a free marketing workshop on August 25, 2015.

The workshops will run from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and is free to everyone who signs up before August 25th. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The Workshop Schedule & Topics Are As Follows:


If I Build It, They Will Come: How to Match Your Website to Your Vision

Charlie Harper- CEO of WooshData

10:00am – 11:15am

The content of your website will speak to your audience, but what user experience best delivers your message? What functionality will serve the actions you want your visitors to take? Giving your audience the opportunity to engage with your brand requires sound functionality and layout considerations. A website is far more than just a brochure, and for some companies it can be the first employee. We will talk about the integration considerations and layout choices that will bring you success in today’s anywhere on any device market.


With a passion for business development and web technology he founded WooshData. Web services grants Charlie the privilege to have a positive impact on the growth of companies in this era of e-commerce. His unique background of both business development and systems engineering allows him to dilute complex solutions into digestible understanding. Charlie has been creating websites since before WordPress existed.

What Does It Even Mean To Write Good Content

Amber Frazier-Finkelstein – CEO of Retro M


Sitting at your desk again wondering if your content is any good? Does anyone want to read this? I often find that in life and writing if you start from the point “Nobody cares, and you don’t matter”, you can get a fresh perspective on what people want to hear and not just about the piece you want to write. In this workshop we will explore how to produce an abundance of quality content, what quality content means, how to communicate your unique voice to your audience, and tips on how to produce enough content to matter.


Amber Frazier-Finkelstein is the CEO and the brain behind the Retro M machine. Using SEO coupled with tenure narrative skills, she assists her team in creating content, social media action plans, and site design. She has worked with a variety of businesses including e-commerce brands, marketing firms, non-profit organizations, growth stage businesses, and everything in between. Amber is a published author, visionary of prose, and she has no idea how to take anyone seriously (in the best possible way).


The Media is a Powerful Tool But You Can’t Control It

Laura Baverman- The Everything For Exit Event

1:45pm – 2:45pm

There’s nothing better than free marketing… except media isn’t marketing. So how do you make the most of coverage in the media if you can’t control the message? In this session with ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman, we’ll discuss how to get and keep the attention of media, how to develop relationships with reporters and how to think differently about the way you pitch your company to the press.


Laura Baverman runs ExitEvent, an online publication telling the stories of startups in the Triangle and throughout North Carolina. She’s worked as a business reporter for 10 years, freelancing for USA Today, Upstart Business Journal and a bunch of North Carolina publications before joining Capitol Broadcasting-owned ExitEvent in February 2014. She previously worked for the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Business Courier. Half of her time in journalism has been spent covering technology and startup companies—she has a passion for entrepreneurs.


Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Jake Finkelstein- CEO of Method Savvy

3:00pm – 5:00pm

Jake Finkelstein, founder and CEO of the data-driven marketing agency Method Savvy, will discuss a framework for data-driven thinking, digital marketing best practices and real-world use cases to provide practical ways you can use digital marketing to grow your business.


An accomplished brand and data-driven marketer, Jake has led integrated advertising campaigns for Starbucks, Virgin, Disney and other world-renown brands. Prior to founding Method Savvy, with a lifelong passion for music and entrepreneurship, Jake’s career began in the entertainment business working with artists such as Pearl Jam, Ben Folds Five and The White Stripes. 


After the workshop:

There will be an hour of networking after the workshop ends at 5 pm. There will be light finger foods and some announcements from Entredot’s partners. After the workshop and networking ends, it’s time for a party! The party starts at 6 pm and goes till 8 pm. There will be even more food, drinks, and some door prizes! Just remember to sign up for both on our Eventbrite page HERE. We hope you can make it.