Heart of Cary Association Gets New Board

Republished from CaryCitizen with permission. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – On June 18, the Heart of Cary Association (HoCA) elected a new board and officers.

HoCA Gets New Board

According to a press release from HoCA, the new slate of leaders includes:

  • Joy Pike – Chairman of the Board
  • Carroll Ogle – Vice-Chairman of the Board
  • Scott Korbin – Board Treasurer
  • Glenda Westbrook-Neilsen – Board Secretary
  • Terry ‘Doc’ Thorne – President
  • Lauren Schafer – Vice-President
  • Alison Kim-Perry – Secretary

Additionally, the Board and officers said good-bye with “heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation” to retiring Board members Lisa Frantz and Keith Bliss.

The succession of leadership shows a dynamic organization of growing clout.

If you are interested in Downtown Cary, email Doc Thorne about membership in HoCA.

Cary Innovation Center

The Cary Innovation Center is located at the corner of Harrison and Chatham. Congratulations to our business neighbors in downtown Cary