Grading Entrepreneurs, Part 2

In the last post, we looked at the first half of Jason Nazar’s (founder of Docstoc) 55 question assessment to “grade entrepreneurs.” He posted this on Forbes last year and invited the reader to begin with the end in mind. The second half of the questions are listed below:



28. Make the culture about something bigger than business

29. Build ownership and accountability across the entire organization

30. Put in their own capital before they ask others to put in theirs

31. They sell ether, sell the dream

32. Have mastered the investor pitch process

33. They first sell themselves

34. Understand “People, Product, Progress, Passion, Persistence”

35. Always ensure the business is properly capitalized

36. Treat investor’s capital like a borrowed treasure to be protected and returned

37. Know their product better than anyone else

38. Regularly talk with customers to see what can be improved

39. Have a vision for the product that gets translated across the organization

40. Make their product different and better than the competition

41. Build lean products iteratively and ship expeditiously

42. Genuinely care about the interests of the customer more than their personal financial gain

43. Focus on execution over ideas

44. Participate in key sales functions and deals

45. Spend enough time courting key relationships that move the business forward

46. Great at generating PR and buzz for the company

47. Listen more than they talk

48. Stay scrappy as they grow

49. Have a strong sense of demand and how to extract it

50. Self aware, willing to admit mistakes and take responsibility

51. Fierce competitiveness, hate to lose

52. Extreme sense of urgency and intense work ethic

53. Have a big WHY

54. Can sell the dream

55.) Do they get results with integrity?  That is the only standard by which entrepreneurs are eventually judged.  Everything else is just a test; grades don’t matter, but results do.


Keep the first 54 in mind; take the 55th to heart!