11 Gift Ideas To Give Your Staff This Christmas

Buying the perfect Christmas gift for you staff can be difficult, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur. Your staff probably has almost everything that they already need, plus loads of things that they don’t. That’s why we’ve put this list together for you. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, don’t stress out even more when Christmas time rolls around. Instead, choose one of these fantastic gifts for your staff!

Compendious Coffee Chart

This large wall print will be a perfect gift for anyone who likes to drink coffee. It shows a multitude of different ways that coffee can be brewed, and it has a retro look that will be perfect in any office. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to show your appreciation for the long, coffee fueled hours that your staff have put in, this will be the perfect gift!

Travel Charging Kit

Forget about running out of battery for your phone at the worst possible moment. With the travel charging kit you can charge up to three different devices from the built in USB ports. It’s perfect for smartphones or even a tablet. Another benefit is that the charging kit itself can be charged using either an AC outlet or a cigarette lighter in your car. It’s a versatile present that will be great gift for Christmas.

Sport Performance Headphones

Chances are that if you’re an entrepreneur and you have a great staff, they’re probably going to be the type of people who like to stay healthy. These sport performance headphones from Skullcandy will be the perfect gift for everyone who works for you. They’re sweat resistant and designed to stay in your ears, even during periods of heavy exercise. They’re available in a variety of different colors as well.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

This nifty gadget solves a problem that has been plaguing people for as long as anyone can remember: losing your keys. With this tracking tag you’ll be able to instantly locate your keys with your smartphone by connecting to the device via bluetooth. Forget about your staff being late for work because they couldn’t find their keys, this perfect device will solve that problem for good. As a bonus, it even works in reverse. Simply click a button on this tracking tag and it will help you to locate your phone in minutes. It’s the perfect gift for an entrepreneur to give to his or her staff.

Keurig Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Designed to fit conveniently under a Keurig coffee maker, this travel mug will be a present that your staff appreciates. It has a tough design which means that it won’t chip or break if dropped. It also has a unique feature which allows you to open up the container and drink from it using just one hand. This makes it perfect for anyone who likes to drink their coffee as they drive to work.The autoseal design ensures that you never have to worry about accidentally spilling a beverage.

Spotify Gift Cards

Giving a Spotify gift card is the perfect present because everyone likes to listen to music, and Spotify has a wide range of different artists in every genre. Spotify costs $10 a month and you can choose how many months of the service you want to buy for your staff. If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to be generous, you can buy a whole year’s subscription for your staff, and then next Christmas buy them another subscription. This is a Christmas gift that everyone is sure to appreciate.

Williams-Sonoma Wine Collection

When you buy a wine collection from Williams-Sonoma, you get a couple of things. First, you get a selection of different hand picked wines. On top of that, you’ll also receive recipes and tasting notes that will help to get the most out of every bottle. It’s a Christmas that entrepreneurs can give their staff that is guaranteed to be a hit. The collections start at $50 and go up to $250.

Juniper Bonsai

A Bonsai tree is a great gift for your staff because they’ll be able to keep it on their desk and appreciate it for years to come. The miniature tree is steeped in tradition, and it will be a beautiful addition to any office. When you buy a tree it’s already three years old, and it comes with a glazed ceramic pot and a bed of humidity rocks to keep the tree healthy. If you buy one tree for each of your employees you can create a small forest in your office.

Custom Map Coaster Set

In rich detail these coasters show a map from a city of your choice. They have a wonderful, unique design which is sure to impress whoever you give them too. Since you can choose which city map you’d like printed on the coasters, you can pick the city where you work. This adds a custom element to the present that really makes it stand out from other items that you might want to gift to people. Each set of coasters is one of a kind, don’t miss out on this cool opportunity to buy something special for your staff.

Coffee Mug Warmer

This coffee mug warmer keeps a cup of coffee or tea at an ideal drinking temperature. That means that you can forget about drinking cold coffee from now on! Its compact shape doesn’t take up much space, which makes it the perfect size for any desk. If you’re an entrepreneur and you have employees who like to drink coffee, then this will be a gift that everyone can get into.

Humans of New York
This classic book features large, beautiful pictures taken of all sorts of different New Yorkers. Brandon Stanton shows in vivid detail the lives of everyone from children to the elderly. It’s a gripping, can’t put it down book that also happens to be a New York Times #1 Bestseller. Humans of New York is a book that everyone can appreciate, regardless of what city you work in.

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