EntreDot Announces Board of Advisors

EntreDot Managing Director Fred Hathaway announces a 13-person Board of Advisors, who will volunteer their expertise to help entrepreneurs “connect the dots” to achieve business success. 

Raleigh, NC (March 28, 2014) – EntreDot (http://entredot.org/), a North Carolina based nonprofit, helps entrepreneurs, startup founders and small business owners benefit from the time tested best practices and individualized mentoring programs Entredot provides. Co-Founders Bill Warner and Brad Lienhart started the company with the vision to help one million “Main Street” small businesses reach their five-year anniversary and achieve long-term sustainability. EntreDot’s mission: to help entrepreneurs “connect the dots.” EntreDot pursues this mission providing services to support small business founders who create, launch and grow their businesses – specifically mentoring and business education programs that maximize the opportunity for success, resulting in economic growth through revenue and job creation.

“Our advisors are entrepreneurs from a diversity of backgrounds gender, age and culture.  They believe passionately in our vision and want to strategically volunteer their time to help us fulfill the mission,” said Hathaway.

The members of the Board of Advisors are: Andrea Cook, grant program manager for NC IDEA; Christina Motley, founder and CEO of Christina Motley, LLC; Chris Mumford, Founder of Joe Startup; Claire Cormier, founder and President of Full Scale Solutions, Inc.; Deven Spear, founder and CEO of BrightDoor Systems; Greg Hyer, founder and CEO of Hyer Media, LLC: J Nolfo, senior strategic analyst at BASF; Jason Schneider, partner at Schneider Boerema PLLC; Mital M. Patel, founder of Triangle Business Law; Philip Rubin, sales and marketing director at The Wine Feed; Rachel Cox, business ownership coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source; Rich Rubin, founder of Richard Rubin Consulting; Steve McCulloch, managing partner at Winnow Creative; Tru Pettigrew, founder of Tru Access; and Wendy Coulter, founder and CEO of Hummingbird Creative.