Cary Innovation: Maker Sheds?

Story by Hal Goodtree, resident at Cary Innovation Center. Photo by Fumi Yamazaki.

Cary, NC – My friend Jamie, who serves with me on Cary’s Technology Task Force, has got my interest piqued about the notion of Maker Sheds. These are low-overhead Technology Centers where people make actually stuff.

Maker Sheds

Imagine a place where innovators young and old could go to build things – amateur robotics, electric vehicles, game development, apps, rocketry. The possibilities are endless.

Call them Maker Sheds, Garages, Workshops – they’re all on the same theme. Low-cost, often re-used technology, like yesterday’s computer, available for in the shed for projects and experiments.

Low Cost Tech Centers

A few worktables, some storage bins, lights and basic tools and you’re in business. Staffing is one person with a penchant for DIY and a few hours a week to spend at the shed.

Any empty space will work – an empty house or commercial building is perfect. It’s fine if the Shed moves around every couple of years.

Grassroots Innovation

What’s great about Maker’s Sheds is that they catalyze grassroots innovation.

The Maker Shed movement (who knew?) is growing, with annual Maker Faires in New York and the Bay Area. Why not Cary?

I hope Jamie writes more about Maker Sheds in his part of the task force report to Cary Town Council.