9 Best Christmas Gifts for Business Owners

Buying a Christmas gift for a business owner can be difficult. Most business owners already have more ties and cufflinks than they know what to do with. So instead of buying them something that they don’t need, get them something that they can enjoy every day while they work! Choose any of the presents below, and you are sure to impress whichever business owner is important to you.

Wink Smart Home Hub

This device allows you to connect all of the smart items in your home. Whether that’s the windowblinds, the washing machine, deadbolts, or the thermostat. By connecting everything through a single app you’ll find it easier to control your home without worrying about having to install multiple apps for all the different appliances.

Coffee Alarm Clock

Wake up in style with this awesome alarm clock. Set it for a time of your choosing and forget about it. When you wake up in the morning you’ll have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you to go with your alarm. This is a great incentive to get out of bed and start your day right!

USB Cooler and Warmer

This nifty little device will allow you to heat up or cool down any beverage of your choice. This is the perfect gift idea for a small business owner because it’s small enough to fit on any desk and it’s the type of thing that you could easily use every day. The USB power source makes this cooler and warmer easy to use anywhere you have a computer. Twenty dollars it’s cheap too, which makes it easy on the wallet.

Presse Coffee Brewer

The Presse Coffee Brewer is the perfect way to make a single cup of high quality coffee. In three minutes you can create 14 ounces of coffee that will stay warm for hours at time. That’s a lot longer than other thermostats on the market, which means you’ll never have to worry about cold coffee again. That makes it the perfect christmas present for any business owner who is always on the go.

MAXOAK Laptop Battery Pack

Running out of battery on your laptop when you need it most is something that we’ve all experienced. Don’t let that ruin your day though. With the MAXOAK battery pack you’ll be able to charge your battery on the go, and you’ll never have to worry about missing important work again.

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

The Logitech trackball is a popular alternative to a regular mouse because it’s more ergonomical. If you’re a business owner then you probably spend hours everyday using your computer. This can get uncomfortable after a while, and force you to take breaks when you would really rather work. Get the the logitech wireless trackball for any business owner as a christmas gift and they’ll thank you for it all the time after they start using it.

Alera Elusion Office Chair

This ergonomic office chair is the perfect gift for any business owner. It’s unique design allows you to stay comfortable for hours, during even the longest stints at the desk. It has a mesh back which allows for breathability and ensures you don’t overheat, or get annoying sweat spots on the back of your shirt. One of the nicest features is that at less than $200. That means you’ll be able to buy it for a business owner who is special to you, without sweating over the price tag.

High Quality Coffee

Most workers enjoy a good cup of coffee on a regular basis. Unfortunately, finding great coffee at your local grocery store can be difficult. That’s why we recommend ordering some online. You can try BJ Beans Coffee LLC which makes some of the best coffee around. A big bag of this will go a long way towards making any entrepreneur happy.

Apple TV
Most business owners work long hours and spend more time at the office then their employees. While that’s a great way to get a lot done and ensure that your business thrives, it can also mean missing a lot of your favorite programs on television. With Apple TV, as soon as a business owner gets home they’ll be able to stream their favorite programs straight to their television, at their convenience. Not only that, but you can stream any iTunes content of your choice. That makes Apple TV a great christmas gift for any business owner.

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