10 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Listening to podcasts can be a valuable way for entrepreneurs to gain wisdom even when they’re not working. Think about all the time you spend in traffic, on the metro, or in some other situation where you could easily pop your earphones in. Just by doing so you’ll be able to gain valuable insight into the world of business that will help to make you a highly successful entrepreneur. Check out these 10 podcasts to fill your brain with good ideas and interesting insight.

  1.  Built to Sell

Built to sell lives up to its name. it’s a great podcast for entrepreneurs because it deals specifically with the complex task of building a company that can be sold later on. To address this question, serial entrepreneur John Warrillow interviews a different entrepreneur every week who has just sold a company. It’s a must listen for any business person who want’s to learn about creating a valuable company.

  1.  Reboot

Twice a month Jerry Colonna talks with entrepreneurs and business owners about the emotional struggles that they face with running a business. He covers the issue from all angles, and focusses specifically on the emotional problems associated with trying to grow a startup from nothing into a profitable business.

  1.  As Told by Nomads

Tayo Rockson is a digital marketing specialist, and the podcast focuses on the insight that you need to get your startup discovered in an ad saturated market. In particular, this podcast is a must listen for entrepreneurs because it will force you to think outside the box

  1.  Smart Passive Income

Successful businesses are not created overnight, and that’s a concept that host Pat Flynn understands. On the podcast he talks about how making lifestyle changes and investing in a business for the long term can be the key to creating something awesome. Smart Passive Income is one of the most popular podcasts on the internet with entrepreneurs, and with good reason

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  1.  Social Triggers Insider

This podcast is perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to increase his sales skills and sell more. Host Derek Halpern tells listeners about his approach to marketing, and the straightforward content and no-gimmicks techniques he uses for selling products that keeps listeners hooked.

  1.  Mixergy

Mixergy is an ideal podcast for entrepreneurs. Host Andrew Warner interviews well known entrepreneurs and picks their brains for anything that might be able to help you to succeed in your own business. Instead of making mistakes and learning the hard way, listen to Mixergy and you’ll be able to get a first hand account of what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to creating a company.

  1.  StartUp Nation

This podcast is hosted by the Sloan Brothers, and their aim is to help small business owners to become successful. Both of the brothers have experience in the field of entrepreneurship, and the results that they’ve gotten speak for themselves. The podcast is released twice a month and each one offers valuable insight into the field of business ownership.

  1.  Foundation

Foundation is a must listen for any entrepreneur. It’s hosted by Kevin Rose (the founder of Digg) and the show features appearances from highly successful people from the world of business. Once on the show, they discuss their inspiration, what they did in the past to get to where they are now, and what mistakes they learned from on their way to the top.

  1.  Traction

The goal of the podcast Traction is to help entrepreneurs to create a company from scratch. On the podcast, host Jay Acunzo and his guests talk about how to grow your business during the early stages. What they talk about might not be scalable, but it will help you to get results early on, which is incredibly important if you want to be successful.

  1.  She Did it Her Way

This podcast focusses entirely on successful female entrepreneurs, and the steps they took to create a profitable business. What makes this podcast interesting, outside of the fact that it’s only women, is that entrepreneurs from all walks of life get interviewed. That means you won’t just hear about tech startups every week. Afterall, it’s possible to be an entrepreneur without directly being involved with a computer at all times.


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