10 Best Books For Entrepreneurs in 2016

The idea of building wealth has been around for a long time. George Clason wrote about it in his 1926 classic book: The Richest Man in Babylon. Since then some things have changed, and some haven’t. While the fundamentals have remained the same, there are some great new books that have been released recently which deal specifically with problems that today’s entrepreneurs face. That’s why our list includes a mix of old classics, and new books that every entrepreneur should read.

  1. Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

This book is a must read for any entrepreneur, or any person who wants to accumulate wealth. It’s one of the best books on making money ever written, and it’s widely recommended by millionaires, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike. The wildly successful Jim Rohn said that if he could only recommend one book to other potential entrepreneurs, it would be Think and Grow Rich.

  1. The Startup Playbook – By David S. Kidder

Published in 2013, this new book dives deep into the process of starting an organization, and everything that entails. It’s one of the top entrepreneur books available, and it’s an interesting read as well. The book is based on interviews from the founders of 41 different companies, and it can offer some incredible insight to anyone who wants to do the same.

  1. True North – By Bill George and Peter Sims

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is being a successful leader. True North has been written to help you with that. The book has been compiled based on interviews from 125 different men and women who are leaders in their industries. The insights offered inside may surprise you, and they definitely make this one of the best leadership books ever written.

  1. Rework – By Jason Fried

The billionaire Mark Cuban said that given the choice between hiring someone who has read Rework, and someone with an MBA, he would choose the person who has read Rework. That’s because the books lays out the fundamentals that you will need to start and successfully run a company. Rework is also one of the top entrepreneur books because it talks about how to found a company with few resources, something every entrepreneur can probably relate to.

  1. Bold – By Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler

This book is broken up into three parts. The first deals with interesting new technologies that are disrupting traditional business models. Part two talks about the psychology of being bold, and how entrepreneurs like Elon Musk think. Finally, part three covers best practices that will allow your business to succeed in today’s marketplace.


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  1. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need – By Andrew Tobias

This book made Mark Cuban’s top reading list for a good reason. It’s a solid foundation in investing, and it has been continually updated since its first writing. Today, this is one of the best entrepreneur books because it will help you to invest your money as your business grow. It’s an indispensible guide to all things from how to create savings to the safest investments for an everday reader.

  1. The Art of the Start 2.0 – By Guy Kawasaki and Lindsey Filby

Entrepreneurs start companies and create new products. This is one of the best books for entrepreneurs because it will help you to understand topics like developing an all star team and creating an amazing product or service. Guy Kawasaki is highly successful serial entrepreneur and his wisdom has been helping other people to succeed for decades.

  1. The Lean Startup – By Eric Ries

Instead of wasting time creating business plans, focus on what really matters. That’s the message behind The Lean Startup. This raises another question though, what is it that really matters? To find out what Eric Ries, and many other successful entrepreneurs think, you’ll have to read The Lean Startup.

  1. The Gospel of Wealth – By Andrew Carnegie

An entrepreneur isn’t someone who just creates a product, it’s someone who creates a product that changes the world in a positive way. Andrew Carnegie declared that he wished to amass a fortune so that he could give it away at a later date. Which is exactly what he did. With a similar attitude, you can create an outstanding product that will impact people across the world.

  1. Zero to One, Notes on Startups – By Peter Thiel

This #1 New York Times bestseller is one of the top books for entrepreneurs. Peter Thiel is a renowned investor and entrepreneur, and in Zero to One he talks about the possibilities the future offers, and he does it with optimism. The right attitude is crucial to creating the right product, and Zero to One can help you to create that attitude.


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